Women’s Swimsuit Designs That Are Trendy This Summer

Summertime means that swimsuit season has arrived. Longer days and hotter weather mean that people are going to be drawn to pools, beaches, and rivers to hang out in the cold water. Because of the longer days, everyone comes out to catch some rays and get a tan in the beautiful outdoors. People also bring out their favorite swimsuits to show off their new designs in the hot summer sun. Summertime is also the best season to have an opportunity to take beautiful poolside pictures with your friends, and the best way to make a picture perfect moment is to be dressed in style.

New swimsuit designs are going to be gracing the scene this summer, and with the rise of Instagram models and social media influencers, you can bet there are going to be some innovative styles. Whether you are interested in one-piece or two-piece swimsuit this summer, there are plenty of designs that can fit your style. Here are some of the hottest swimwear styles that you need to be on the lookout for this summer if you want to make a lasting impression at the beach or pool.

Corset Style Bikini

Bikini’s that have lace-up fastening and Victorian-era influences have become a trend in fashion within the past couple years. The trend has made its way from casual dress and street apparel to swimwear and is now available in many different swimsuit brands. Designers have embraced the corset-like design and incorporated many elements that traditional corsets created. The excess amount of lace and frill allows for many scandalous swimsuit designs to be created, so if you are looking for something more on revealing side this summer, this style is for you.

Wrap-Style Draw String Swimsuit

Wrap silhouettes are popular features that have never drifted out of style. These swimsuits utilize a long drawstring, which can be wrapped around the body many timed before being tied. The skinny strap-wrap details give many different accents and tones to a traditional one-piece swimsuit, and they have become all the rage in the fashion community. If you are interested in a swimsuit that has a conventional shape with a unique flare, then consider purchasing a wrap-style one piece.

Striped Swimsuits

Stripes have always been a great way to make a lasting impression with people at the pool. Swimsuits that have vertical or horizontal lines can adopt a unique mid-century aesthetics that are going to raise peoples eyes in public. Stripes often receive a bad reputation for being ‘unflattering,’ but contemporary designers have pushed back against that misconception by creating ‘athleisure’ styled swimsuits. The sleek stripes give off a sporty vibe, which has become popular in contemporary street fashion. Striped swimsuits have become a popular design trend, so don’t be afraid to buy a classic print swimsuit this summer.

Smocking Style Swimsuits

Smocking has become a sartorial theme that has gained immense popularity in fashion this year. The design has a comfortable fabric that can stretch easily, with its loose fitting dimension. Smocking fabric is bunched up and sewn together with an elastic thread, which allows the material to stretch if needed. Smocking swimsuits are the perfect contemporary design trend that can fit all body sizes with its versatile fabric. If you are wary about purchasing a swimsuit that is too revealing, then a Smocking style two-piece may be for you. Often, smocking swimsuits look like they could double as everyday clothing, so it is easy to slip on a pair of jean shorts if you aren’t feeling like being in your swimwear all day.


Women’s Swimsuit Designs That Are Trendy This Summer

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