To Wash or Not to Wash: What NOT to Put in Your Washing Machine

It goes without saying that everyone does their laundry. Some do it more often, while others go a little more than a week without running their washing machines. Other people don’t have a washing machine at all, and they use laundromats to get the job done. In most cases, it’s not how you wash your clothes that matters, but what you’re washing that makes the difference. Unless you’re 100% positive that your clothes don’t have any specific washing instructions, chances are that you might have missed a few important notes. In order to avoid a washing machine mishap, here are some things that you should never put in the washer.

Tailored Suits

While the outside of a suit or blazer may be made out of cotton or polyester that seems machine-washable, there’s actually a layer between the inside and outside of the cloth that isn’t. This layer is known as the interface, and it is what gives the jacket or suit a custom, tailored look. Without it, the suit wouldn’t stand up on its own. Placing a tailored garment in the washing machine can ruin this interface, and no interface means no crisp jacket. For this reason, it’s recommended to just get your suits dry cleaned or spot cleaned at home if possible.


Following the trend of no tailored suits in the washer, you also shouldn’t place neckties in the washing machine. Neckties are often made of silk, so the fabric is already more susceptible to wear and tear. Placing it in the washer can cause that inner fabric to twist and possibly rip due to the tumble of the washing machine. Neckties should just be washed by hand, or use a spot cleaner if you have one.

Foam Pillows

Foam and memory pillows feel amazing, but they also need to be washed from time to time. However, throwing them into the washing machine is just a surefire way to ensure you can’t use them anymore. Your foam pillow is likely to become a shredded pillow by the end of the cycle. Foam pillows can easily become undone and ruined with the agitation in a washing machine’s normal cycle. Even using a gentle cycle can be too much for this type of pillow. Instead, fill up your tub with warm water, use a mild detergent, and scrub the surface of the pillow gently. Squeeze out the water a few times, and your pillow should be as good as new!

Pet Favorites

You may be tempted to throw in Fido’s favorite bedding into the washer to help freshen it up, but that’s a definite no-go. Pet supplies, especially bedding, are often covered with pet hair. Even your own clothes probably have a good amount of fur baby fur on them. Tossing these in the washing machine can seem like an easy fix, but you’re only setting yourself up for a mess. Just like hair can clog your shower drain, pet hair can damage your washing machine’s drainage system. Your clothes and other pet bedding won’t get washed properly if there’s a lot of hair in the mix. Take some time to remove the hair and any other lint or dust from your clothes and other pet favorites before giving it a spin in the washer. You and your pet are going to thank yourself later. If all else fails, make sure to read the washing labels for items before throwing them in!


To Wash or Not to Wash: What NOT to Put in Your Washing Machine

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