Top Restaurant Design Trends That Are In This Year

Interior design trends often change like the seasons. Restaurants are some locations that capitalize on these trends to get customers to come to their diners. The way the inside of a building is decorated should not be taken lightly, as it is commonly one of the most significant features that draw customers to a location.

This year there have been some exciting new/modern and old/nostalgic design trends that have emerged. These trends have been incorporated into some of the most established restaurants in the industry. It is essential to keep up to date with the current design trends as a restaurant owner, and as a customer. Knowing what is in, and what is out can help you navigate which restaurants you want to visit. Here are some of the trendiest restaurant designs that have been thriving this year.

Communal Eating

Restaurants have recently adopted a communal eating design, which allows all customers to be seated in an open concept array. The contemporary design aesthetic has deconstructed barriers of privacy and created a more public atmosphere in restaurants all around the world. Communal eating restaurants encourage a more social atmosphere and allow even the most traditional restaurants to have a bar-like feel. This design trend has also helped decrease the wait-time to get in the restaurant, by optimizing the amount of seating in the main dining room.

Open Kitchens

Restaurants with an open kitchen allow customers to view the chefs’ work as a visual spectacle during dinner. Not only do open kitchens allow for a more entertaining meal, but they also add a level of transparency between the kitchen and customer. Customers love to see the chef’s prep, cut, and cook the food that they are about to pay for and eat. Many restaurants have implemented open kitchens around the world, especially high-class restaurants with top chefs

Incorporating Art

Many restaurants have started to use their facilities as backdrops for art pieces. Some places use their locations to show off local artists, while others use avant-garde paintings to create a distinct aesthetic. Artwork helps restaurants directly connect with their communities by creating a reflection of taste, culture, and creativity on their dining walls. Artwork can also help attract distinct crowds to your restaurant and can help gather customers who care more about visual culture than dining. Breathtaking artworks in restaurants give customers another reason to come back, besides the fantastic cuisine.

Boho Aesthetic and Patterns

Boho designs have become incredibly popular this year and have made their way into popular restaurant designs and dishware. The bold patterns and colors that define Boho allow restaurants to have a warm and inviting atmosphere, which gives freshness and character to the dishes served. This design trend has also become very popular in café’s and lunch spots and has also been taken up in contemporary fashion. Many vegan restaurants have used Boho designs to allow customers to feel connected with nature, as the style commonly evokes an exotic and natural atmosphere. Boho has proved that it is not going anywhere after this year, so make sure you are well informed of its glamor.

Green Plants and White Walls

This interior design trend has withstood the test of time over the past five years. White flooring and walls contrasted with an abundance of green foliage give a food establishment a fresh and healthy vibe that young customers love. Because many restaurants are choosing to serve healthier options, the plethora of greenery allows customers to be immersed in an interior garden while eating. Plenty of modern cafés have utilized this design aesthetic to attract many millennial “influencers” that take pictures of the idealistic location to share to their many followers.


Top Restaurant Design Trends That Are In This Year

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