The New iPhone Design Leaks Have Reinvented the Smartphone’s Aesthetic

Last week video images of the new iPhone XR2 and iPhone 11 surfaced on the internet. The latest videos showed two YouTube stars that received the phone before the official release date. The new designs show a different direction Apple is taking regarding photography and design. These are some of the new design element, their original specs, and what they offer to Apple clientele in the future.

New Triple Lens Camera

The new iPhone 11 and iPhone XR2 are going to introduce a triple lens camera that is on the back of the phone. Now, the iPhone is going to have three powerful lenses to capture beautiful images. Photography has always been one of the strongest selling points of the iPhone franchise, so it is no surprise that the new iPhone designs have new photographic features.

Not only do the new designs have three camera lenses but they are also going to come encased within a large square camera. This square camera cover is going to act as protection for the three HD retina cameras. Although the new camera design may look clunky and excessive, you can expect some High Definition photography to be put into the hands of every smartphone user.

The new third camera lens is going to incorporate an ultra-wide-angle lens. This lens is going to allow images with a larger field of view to be captured on the smartphone. Including a third lens means that photos are going to enable a broader scope of vision that can fit large groups of people, as well as vast landscapes inside the camera frame. This third camera is going to optimize picture taking capability, even on the smallest of devices.

Vertical Mute Switch

Apple has decided to unify all of its products by implementing a vertical mute switch on the new iPhone 11 and iPhone XR2 as opposed to a horizontal mute switch. This decision was made because all iPad products on the market today use the vertical switch, and Apple wants to create a cohesive product design.

New Colors

The leak shows that Apple is set to release two new colors that are going to replace the current blue and coral finishes. Customers are going to be able to get their hand on a lavender purple, and green iPhone with the new release of the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR2. Unfortunately, there is no news on if any blue and coral iPhones are going to be introduced, so you may have to look into a new color if those were your favorites.

Reverse Wireless Charging

The new iPhone 11 and iPhone XR2 are going to introduce reverse wireless charging to Apple customers. This new feature is going to allow AirPod owners to charge their headphones by merely placing them on the back of the iPhones. Although many Samsung products have already put this feature into practice, Apple is now going to make it available through their new smartphone designs. No more charging your AirPods at the nearest energy source, your phone is going to act as your charging source.

What to Expect

Because these are design leaks reported by product tests, they are subject to change before the final product becomes available to the public. Apple is known to release surprising updates to their product designs, so you can never be too sure about where they are planning on going next with their iPhone. Keep your eyes out for more information in the upcoming months as the preparation for the new Apple smartphones comes into fruition.


The New iPhone Design Leaks Have Reinvented the Smartphone’s Aesthetic

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