How to Make Your Dorm Room Stand Out on a Cheap Budget

Many university and college dorm rooms feel very cramped and unappealing. Sometimes it is hard to make your university residence room feel like it is yours. It is essential to rearrange and style your dorm room to feel like it’s your home away from home, especially if you get homesick easily. Here are some ways that you can make your university room look and feel like home without spending too much money.

Maximizing Your Space

You should maximize your space in your dorm room to make life a little easier and provide you with a spacious living area. Designate areas in the room for specific daily activities such as working, sleeping, eating, and living. Since most dorm rooms provide you with basic furniture, you should rearrange them in any way you desire. Dividers are also an easy way to set areas of your dorm room apart. It provides you with distinct sections that are specifically for specific actions. This method is going to make your dorm room feel like a mini apartment, well before you move out. To open up the room, make sure you install a mirror, as this is a perfect way to make the dorm room look much bigger. Exposing the windows when it is sunny allows the room to open up as well while providing you with beautiful, natural lighting. Also, it is a necessity to keep your living quarters clean and clutter-free, so your dorm room can look much more spacious during your chill hours.

Décor is Everything

While people think that decorating your dorm room is expensive, there are many simple ways to stylize your bedroom without spending a fortune. Make sure you grab some cheap wall décor from your local dollar store to give your room some originality. Picture frames are a perfect way to showcase your photos while displaying some of your favorite pieces of art can give your room a touch of personality. You should plan an arts and crafts day as well to create cheap and fun pieces of art to display on your walls. Instead of spending money on curtains, try using scarves you have stashed away as a replacement. You might have a fun scarf you don’t wear much, which is going to look perfect in front of the window. Purchasing removable wallpaper is a must, as it is usually cheap, reusable, and also makes your dorm room look like nobody else’s. If buying new furniture is out of your budget, using the removable wallpaper to beautify your dorm room appliances is a great alternative. Many unique décor items can be found at your local thrift shop, which provides your dorm room with details that no one else has.

Communicate with Your Roommate

Communication is one of the greatest difficulties students encounter when hoping to redesign their dorm rooms. Conversation with your roommate is of the utmost importance when considering decorating your room and rearranging the space. It always matters how you get along with your roommate; do you both have similar interests or are you both complete opposites? This conversation is important to consider since some roommates like to design their rooms together or separately as a “style divide.” It is best, although, to think about what unified design style fits best for you and your roommate, and how to rearrange the space to complement both of your wants and needs. You and your roommate should contemplate sharing a budget to buy certain items and pieces of furniture to make it more budget-friendly. This idea allows you to expand your horizon and ideas of what you both wish to incorporate in your dorm room. Following these crucial steps will provide you with a charming, unique, and personalized dorm room that is both cheap and comfortable for you to live your freshman year in.


How to Make Your Dorm Room Stand Out on a Cheap Budget

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