Ikea Creates Affordable and Sustainable Apartment Complexes

Finding an affordable new home is often very difficult for prospective homeowners and renters. The fluctuating economy makes it an arduous process when looking for a home that satisfies customers desires and tastes. Additionally, many people are looking for eco-friendly homes, and often, this is one of the biggest reasons that shape homeowners decisions when looking for a house. Many architects and design firms have attempted to create new prototype homes that are both affordable and sustainable so that many people can get the two aspects that they are looking for in a new house.

Many people know Ikea for creating low-cost furniture that is loved and purchased by millions of people every year. Ikea’s furniture is internationally recognized as a staple for many homeowners who are looking to purchase economically friendly and sustainable home furnishings. Ikea has recently teamed up with the company called BoKlok, and both have decided to work with Skanska to create flats and apartment complexes that are affordable and sustainable.

Where They Are Located

So far, the affordable and sustainable homes have been built in Finland, Norway, and Sweden, but they are soon going to make their way to the rest of the UK. BoKlok created the flat designs so that they could be implemented easily in any country through a quick and seamless construction process. Homeowners can expect to see the designs implemented quickly into open construction spaces across Europe in the next few years.

West Sussex is going to be the first UK site that adopts the sustainable home designs, so many homeowners should keep a lookout as the new apartments are created. The houses have been approved by many officially because they have taken into consideration what the average person can pay on a mortgage. Ikea aims to help young homeowners have more possibilities when looking for houses that are affordable and environmentally friendly. Councilor Kevin Jenkins spoke to news outlets in West Sussex and confirmed that there would be new Ikea built sustainable homes being constructed in the area very soon. He told reporters that the buildings utilize the land in a unique way that meets the growing demands of families who are trying to become a part of the housing market.

The low-cost housing buildings are set to make their way into the UK in the next few years, but there are no confirmed plans about if the designs are going to make their way into international boundaries.

How They Are Created

The homes are designed and created as module sin factories across Sweden, Finland, and Norway and then constructed in one day at their location. The apartment complexes can come in a variety of sizes, which typically range between 31 and 85 square meters. The apartment complexes, townhouses, and flats are sustainable because they are created entirely of wood. Ikea uses wood because it is the most natural building material on the market, and has the smallest impact on the environment when used correctly. All of the material used to create the houses is recycles, and sources say that less than one percent of the wood purchased is thrown away.

The houses use wood because it is the most climate-neutral material that can leave the least significant impact on the environment when mass-produced. Many potential homeowners are going to be thrilled when they figure out that Ikea has created possible living spaces that are affordable and environmentally friendly through their unique designs. If you are looking for a home that leaves a small impact on the earth while still being within your price range, then these may be the houses for you.


Ikea Creates Affordable and Sustainable Apartment Complexes

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