Design Tips to Bring the Sun Indoors this Summer

Summer has brought a good amount of sunshine with it. The days are long, and the grass is green. It’s easy to feel happy and chirpy when you take a look at the beauty of summer outdoors. But looking back into your home can feel like a letdown. Even if you’ve done your spring cleaning, it can feel like your home is missing something. You just need to add a pop of sunshine into your house to continue the summer vibes all around. Here are some tips you can use to give your home some sun without worrying about sunburn.

Mixed Prints

If you’ve kept your home pretty constant throughout the year in terms of design, summer is the perfect chance to try something new. Mix things up by incorporated different prints in one area. The trick to adding some fun without it looking crazy is to have some basic pieces first. Your main furniture should remain neutral, as this allows you to adjust your levels of gentleness. You can add and take away colorfully designed pillows, throws, paintings, and rugs depending on how you’re feeling. Mixed prints can be as muted or loud as you’d like!


Green is definitely something that looks great indoors year-round. Not only is it a beautiful color, but it truly allows you to bring some of the outdoors inside. You can add some artificial green color to your home through painting, or by adding new accessories in your rooms. You can also add more living plants, especially in neutral areas, to really reel summer in. Climbing plants are especially beautiful this time of year, and they would add a whimsical and earthy summer touch to any room.

Animal Prints

Many people are on the fence about animal prints. Truthfully, they are a bit on the wild side, and it takes some precision to get it right. But summer is the perfect time to experiment with these funky designs and incorporate them into your home. A good animal print to start with is a zebra-striped project. This is a bit tamer and more easily managed than a cheetah print. Use this as a focal point for your room. You can build up the rest of your details with throws and vases around that one zebra piece. You’re going to be surprised by how well it works, yet how lively it keeps everything indoors.

Outdoor Lights

No summer is complete without a backyard party at least once. Give your guests and yourself something beautiful to remember by installing outdoor lights. Hanging up a string of these lights outdoors is perfect for when you want to spend some time on the porch or by the pool after dark. You can continue the theme of summer string lights indoors, too! Buy some fairy lights and ring them around your bed or wall for a whimsical look that only summer brings.


Much like different prints and animal designs, experimenting with textures is something that many people shy away from. This summer, try something different by adding new textured pieces to your room. Some textures that are always a big hit in summer are linen and burlap. You can spruce up a lamp with a new linen cover, or DIY your headboard with a burlap overlay. Mixing these new textures in here and there shows that your home is multifunctional, and it’s a space that’s not stagnant. It changes with the seasons, and making these small changes is how you welcome the season and get into the spirit of things. If none of these ideas stand out to you, you can always add a beautiful bouquet of fresh summer flowers to bring the summer fun inside!


Design Tips to Bring the Sun Indoors this Summer

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