Current Trends in Design and Home Décor

During one week in April and another week in October, the world’s premier furniture fair and showcase takes place in High Point, N.C. The High Point Market is a beacon for designers and media from all corners of the United States, Europe, and Asia. As important as the event is for the industry, it may very well be the largest single event that nobody, other than those in the industry, has ever heard of.

The show is invariably a harbinger of things to come, which this year includes:

A Nod to Nature

Tables constructed of petrified wood, footstools covered in coconut shell, and wall hangings woven with branches. Definitely, a nod is being given to the natural world.

Light Finishes

Maintaining the organic theme, many exhibitors are showing furniture with light finishes. Light wash finishes do well to highlight the wood grain and make a beautiful contrast with bold, brash, upholstery fabrics.

Millennial Pink Is Still in Vogue

The furniture markets love of Millennial Pink is as strong as it ever has been. Evidence of the dusky hue is seen in upholstery, draperies, and even throw rugs. Pink is a color that is associated with peace and serenity, and many in the design and décor business are using it for accent pieces.

Bold Art

There is a trend this year for bold wallpaper and equally bold artwork. Decorators are being urged to convey to their clients that they need not fear colors and patterns on the walls of their home. Bold wallpaper and even bolder art complement one another. Using them in tandem creates a room with a unique feel and look.

Modern Rattan

Rattan pieces are poised to take the interior design world by storm. Not the 70s look. Modern rattan has had a complete makeover. Headboards inspired by a peacock’s tail, rattan used with chrome and woven wicker storage cabinets. Rattan is budget-friendly and introduces a level of comfort other materials cannot match.


Current Trends in Design and Home Décor

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