Creating Space in the House: Utilizing Areas You Didn’t Know You Had

If you like stuff and live in a small space, you may quickly discover these two things don’t exactly mesh. As a result, you may always find yourself searching for additional storage space. When you finally run out, you may turn any and everything into storage – your counters, tables, even the couch that no one sits on. What you quickly discover is that any area that is relatively empty can become new storage space.

However, you are also going to find out is that this is not exactly conducive to a comfortable living space. Pretty soon, you are going to begin feeling cramped due to all the clutter you have sitting around. There’s a better solution, right?

Before you begin piling your collection of 19th-century literature on your kitchen table, think for a minute. Is there anywhere else you could put these books that is a bit more out of the way? Is there any hidden storage space you have missed? If you go on a storage space scavenger hunt, chances are you are going to find some undiscovered storage gems. To get you started, use these storage tips:

Under Your (or Your Kids) Bed

This may seem pretty obvious. However, many people forget about it. You can store many items under your bed. Storage-savvy manufacturers even produce flat, plastic totes with wheels so you can roll the items in and out with ease.

Under your bed is the ideal place to stash your off-season clothing. This includes sweaters during the summer and summer dresses and shorts in the winter. Folding and stacking these items makes it easy to place them under the bed. Other items to consider storing here include books, blankets, pictures, and other media such as records or CDs. You can even flatten out boxes and store under your bed. After all, wouldn’t you love to move into a bigger space someday?

In the Corners of Your Closets

Many people limit the available space in their closet. However, when you look more closely, closets are not limited to just the space you see when you first open the doors. There are corners at the edges of the closets that are typically underused. Try to organize these corners in a more effective manner.

Rather than just pushing your clothes into the corner, where you can’t see them that well anyway, consider installing wall shelves. These can help you remain organized and keep your clothes and other items off the floor. You can place virtually anything on these newly installed shelves, including toys, backpacks, purses, shoes, sweaters, and more.

If you have some space on the wall or closet door, consider installing some additional hooks for your coats, scarves, robe, hats, or bags. The closets in your home are full of untapped storage potential.

The Windowsills

An extremely underused storage spot in most homes is the windowsills. Not everyone can use the windowsills in their home – in some cases, they are just too narrow to hold much of anything. If this is a situation you have, you may want to consider installing a shelf to extend the windowsills depth.

However, if your home has deeper windowsills, you can place your knickknacks here and help keep them out of the way and off your tables.

A word of caution – don’t keep anything that is light-sensitive here. Books and other similar items don’t do that well if they are kept in the heat and sunlight for long periods of time. However, some items that work well in this area include plants, photos with small frames, and other decorative items around your home. Doing this can free up space on your side tables, which is best to reserve for coffee and a book or magazine.

Behind Your Doors

Doors are a practical place to stash anything that hangs up. This includes scarves, shoe organizers, bathrobes, towels, coats, bags, purses, and more. Anything that is lightweight and that isn’t too thick works well here.

Think about it; how many different things could you hang behind the doors in your home right now? In your bathroom – towels. In the home office – files and papers – of course, you have to install a hanging filing system. In your bedroom – pajamas and bathrobes.

Another benefit of utilizing the space behind the doors in your home is that you can easily put these items out of sight when you leave the door open (or closed depending on which side you are on).

In the Corners of Your Rooms

Much like closets, it is easy to forget that the corners in your room are smart places to install narrow, tall shelving. In many cases, they are left bare because they are simply overlooked. Many people are at a loss of what to do with them.

Take some time to look in the corners of your room right now. Are you using them to their full potential? Is there space to install mounted wall shelves or a corner bookshelf for knickknacks and books? If your room is especially small, it is often difficult to find space for large organizing or shelving units. It is great to have a bit of shelving in the corners, at least.

Additional Storage Locations to Consider

Chances are there is much more storage space in your home that you think there is. Open all your cabinets, for example. Can you insert risers to give you additional shelves? Is it possible to install hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors for towels and hot pads?

Let your creativity kick in when it comes to finding new storage locations around the house. Chances are, you can come up with a few great ideas to help stash away your belongings and keep your home clean and organized.

No one wants to live in a space that feels messy and cluttered. When you take the time to use the tips here, you can enjoy a clutter-free, organized space with quite a bit of storage area you never knew existed. This is beneficial for anyone.



Creating Space in the House: Utilizing Areas You Didn’t Know You Had

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