How You Can Decorate Your Walls Without a Drop of Paint

Moving is both an exciting and stressful time for many people. It takes a few months to finally feel comfortable in a new home, but there are definitely some things you can do to help you speed up that process, starting with decorating. Decorating and painting your home helps you feel in charge of your space and allows the area to feel like it’s truly yours. But after the stress and hassle of moving, no one wants to deal with the added mayhem of repainting a room. If that sounds like something you’re dreading, here are some ways you can add some character to your walls without a drop of paint.


Tapestry is one of the easiest solutions to adding some color and design to your walls. The type of fabric and overall design you choose greatly affects how the tapestry adds to your room. If you want a regal or sophisticated look, you can opt for velvet, suede, or silk tapestries. If you want a more relaxed look, all you need is a cotton or polyester fabric to pull it off.

Let’s say you want the glam that comes with tapestries but don’t want to spend a fortune to get them. You can even make your own tapestry by buying a large amount of canvas and going to work with a permanent marker. It sounds like it’s going to look cheap, but you’d be surprised by how well it works with good craftsmanship.

Washi Tape Design

Washi tape is another great, affordable way to add some life into your walls when you’re decorating. You can buy a roll of washi tape for just a few dollars. Washi tape comes in any design imaginable, so you have plenty of options to choose from. It’s also very easy to remove from the wall, and there’s no risk of it pulling off the existing paint.

Before going to town on your walls, make sure that you have a solid plan in mind. Planning your wall design beforehand can help you avoid mistakes and funny design slipups. When thinking of a design, remember that you should use washi tape as a small, accent-type design. You don’t want to cover up your whole wall with it because, after all, it’s still tape. Small accent flowers or geometric shapes are the way to go when using this colorful tape.

Photo Bricks

If you love to snap and show off your photography skills, a photo “brick” wall is the perfect answer to that. With this design, you’re creating a mural of sorts with the snapshots from your life. The key to making it look like a true mural and not just a hodge-podge of assorted pictures is to ensure that every picture is the same size. You also need to make sure that you place the pictures next to each other in a brick-like fashion to create the illusion. Sloppy placement is a big issue with this design, so bring out the rulers and measuring tapes if you have to.

The great thing about using this faux photo brick design idea is that you can constantly switch up the pictures that you have on display. The only downside for this project is that the costs to print out all of those pictures vary depending on the printer you use. Colored pictures are going to cost more, but they also add a sense of liveliness and deeper memory than black and white. When done correctly, decorating your walls takes a short weekend but makes a lifetime of a difference to the atmosphere of your new home.


How You Can Decorate Your Walls Without a Drop of Paint

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