How to Achieve a Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

Mid-century modern designs have become all the rage in the interior décor realm. Many people have adopted the 1950’s inspired designs in their homes in a plethora of different ways. The clean lines, unique patterns, and organized feel have become one of the most popular interior design trends to resurface in the past years.

Although the aesthetic has become popular, it can be hard to achieve. It is imperative that your room has the right furniture, patterns, and organization to make the mid-century modern style. The best way to get the correct aesthetic is to look for elements that have the vintage style down, while also being uniquely chic. Here are some of the best ways you can achieve a mid-century modern aesthetic in your home by incorporating a few simple design elements.

Medium-Stained Brown Wood

Opting for furniture that has medium-stained brown wood is going to help you achieve a contemporary mid-century modern feel. This wood is going to give your room a sophisticated essence that can be complimented through plenty of pops of color. Look for furniture that has integrated handles and a medium-gloss finish that allows your vintage furniture to look as if it could have been made today.

The Accent Chair

The lounge chair had an essential role during the middle of the 20th century. The accent chair gives an updated twist on luxurious wood recliners and leather ottomans that were popular years before.

If you are looking for a unique piece of mid-century modern furniture to add to your room, you should invest in a beautiful accent chair. Many different colors and hues can help create color in any room.

The Coffee Table

Having the perfect coffee table is going to ensure that your living room has the best mid-century modern vibe possible. The coffee table acts as a central focal point that appeared in almost every mid-century living space. It serves as both a decorative piece of furniture and a space for social gathering around your gorgeous coffee table.

The mid-century modern coffee table typically has hairpin legs that exude style and unique taste. The gentle curves of the table capitalize on the scientific technology that was rampant in the fifties and sixties, as well as the fascination with minimalism.

The Mid-Century Modern Sofa

The best way to achieve a mid-century modern design aesthetic is to purchase the correct sofa. During the middle of the twentieth century, interior designers created many unique sofa prototypes that had a shocking new minimalistic design. They adopted low rectangular shapes that allowed visitors to sit without discomfort or the fear of being swallowed by too soft of pillows.

Purchasing the correct sofa is going to help create you mid-century modern aesthetic, and it can help tie together your room in profound ways. Many mid-century modern sofas come in sectional designs, so they are perfect for organizing a room socially.

Include a Bar

The best way to adopt a 1950’s style is to implement a mini-bar or drink cart into your most extravagant of rooms. Purchasing vintage glasses, lavish liquors, and a cocktail shaker is going to give your room that quintessential mid-century modern character. If you are thinking about getting a drink cart, it can also be helpful to know that it can be rolled into any of your other rooms when guests are over for dinner parties. Having access to liquor, as a beverage, and as a visual, gives any room a mid-century modern vibe that your friends are sure to be jealous over.


How to Achieve a Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

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