10 Unique Ways to Make the Space under the Stairs Shine

Living in a home with a staircase opens up so many possibilities for designers. You can pick and choose how to dress up or dress down your staircase to make it the focal point or an accent to the surrounding area. Stairs are a big deal in any home, but many people forget about the space under the stairs. That tiny nook can often seem like an empty void that needs to be filled, and many people struggle to find a good use for that area. If that’s the case for you, here are 10 ways you can turn that space into something wonderful.

Secure Storage

Probably the most obvious use for space under the stairs is turning it into a storage area. Find dressers and drawers that fit snugly under the staircase, and fill them up with things that come in handy downstairs. You could also get drawers custom-built for that space, allowing for a unique and seamless storage look. If you turn that space into storage, make sure to fill it up with things that you use often, like pet supplies or your go-to jackets.

Lovely Library

The space under the stairs is perfect for creating a small library. It’s not so small that you can only fit a few books in, but it’s not so big that you’re struggling to fill it up. Built-in custom shelves are your friends here, as you’re not likely to find a triangular shaped shelf so easily. Line up your books under the stairs to give them a little spotlight. You can also decorate the shelf with other valuables or collectible pieces you have to add a little flair and variation.

Grand Garden

If you have a green thumb, or if you just enjoy being around plants and flowers, why not add a beautiful garden under the stairs? This area is perfect because you can add flowers on literally all four sides. You can include some potted plants for the ground, and hang planters from the underside of the stairs. You can also add small shelves on either side of the area to include tiny potted plants there. It can be the perfect little oasis under the stairs and can also add a pleasant surprise to any staircase.

Workspace Wonder

If you’re tight on space or share a living space with someone, consider turning that small nook into a workspace for yourself. You can likely fit in a small desk, matching chair, and your laptop under there. You might not have a lot of room to sprawl out, but for those who need their own space to focus on work, this just might do the trick. Depending on how much space you have adding in the essentials, you can make it more office-like by adding a calendar and pictures on the surrounding walls.

Divine Wine

Many people are impressed by the wine collections of others, especially when these collections are displayed correctly. You can catch everyone off-guard by turning the space under your stairs into your very own wine collection. Although it’s not a cellar, you can still store and display your favorite flavors and years. Plus, having a wine display upstairs saves you from having to hunt for wine in your cellar downstairs. On top of that, you look ten times fancier by having your wine so elegantly displayed. It’s a win-win for sure.

Working Wet Bar

If you want to take the wine display to the next level, consider turning that space into a working wet bar. This is the perfect way to utilize that space if you like to entertain and are a big fan of wine or drinking in general. Include some cabinets to hold glasses and alcohol, so that everything is ready to go when you’re ready to concoct a drink. Although this design is a bit more labor-intensive than the others, it’s still a beautiful and very useful strategy for making use of that space.

Dramatic Décor

If you want to leave the area under the stairs as it is but still include some pizazz, you should just fill it up with your favorite decoration pieces. Try to stick with a theme under the stairs, as this helps bring everything together and keeps a form of resemblance. Because this is a small area, feel free to go as dramatic as you’d like. It adds a pop of brightness to the area and brings your attention to under the stairs. You can choose to leave the area untouched, or you can add shelves to increase the display space for your décor.

Little Laundry

If you’re short on space elsewhere, you might be able to turn that area into a small laundry place. It’s just enough to fit in a washer and dryer, and with the right fitting, you can add a hardtop table surface on top of those appliances to increase functionality. Although this won’t be a laundry room, per se, it still tackles the function of laundry. You can then turn the actual laundry room into a den or office.

Kids’ Corner

One useful idea for this space is to turn it into a kids’ corner. You can store your children’s toys and books under that space. If an actual playroom is too much of a hassle to clean, containing the mess in a small area under the stairs can do the job of storing toys and keeping your sanity.

Snug Shut-Eye

Lastly, with the right hardware, you can turn that space into a bedding area. This is especially useful for tiny homes where every inch of space is important. Having a cabinet that opens up to be a pull-out bed is especially useful for under the stairs. In the end, it boils down to what you need space for. Depending on your needs, you can transform that tiny area into something artfully useful.


10 Unique Ways to Make the Space under the Stairs Shine

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